Jacksonians reflect on World Kindness Day

JACKSON, Tenn. —Acts of kindness can be expressed in various forms such as smiling at someone, asking someone their story, or even volunteering to name a few.

These are some of the ways that World Kindness Day inspires others to use the power of kindness to make a difference globally.

Kindness can be defined as the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate, according to google.

One young lady, Harley Huff, shares how one kind act helped her in a tough time.

“After I lost my mom, I was in a really bad depression and I tried to hurt myself. And one of my friends heard about it in school, and they told my teacher, to keep me from doing it,” Huff said.

Huff continues by sharing how this act of kindness helped her to realize she is “Not alone and that people actually care.”

Try out a kind act today, and see how you can inspire others.

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