West Tennessee shoppers react to rising food prices as Thanksgiving nears

JACKSON, Tenn. — Inflation and food shortages continue to plague consumers, especially with Thanksgiving right around the corner. We spoke with West Tennesseans on the impact it has had to their holiday season.

“Even in canned goods, eggs, eggs are astronomical,” said shopper Barbara Bush.

The annual day of thanks is approaching, and shoppers are feeling the sting to their wallets this year.

Adalia Beshires says this year will look different.

“Things you can’t go for because you have to look at the price, and look at your pocket because things have changed,” Beshires said.

Barbara Bush says her church provides meals each week, including one for Thanksgiving, and the price increase has not gone unnoticed.

“We are feeding 300, and when we got ready to order our turkeys that we do the full meal, the price of our turkeys went from $3.40 per pound to $9,” Bush said. “It jumped up from over $1,000 for the same meals that we get.”

And when trying to order a large quantity of turkeys, she received this response.

“I said I want to order three cases of turkeys, and he said, ‘Well, good luck. We only have 42 left in the thing,'” Bush said.

Joanne Givens says despite the obstacles this Thanksgiving, the festivities will still continue.

“Yes the prices are up and they are high, but we still have food to eat,” Givens said. “This is the time to come together and enjoy each other, talk about the old times of our life.”

Givens says to avoid finding a turkey this year, she and her family will be eating chicken wings this Thanksgiving.

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