Bags get packed for hungry students, senior citizens

JACKSON, Tenn. — A community is packing for a cause.

The Regional Inter-Faith Association, or RIFA, hosted a unique set of volunteers on Thursday morning to pack boxes for both students in need of meals and senior citizens for the holidays.

“We had the Jackson-Madison County School System come in and volunteer with us. They were making snack backpacks, which is a program that we’ve been doing here for quite a few years. Basically, it’s a bag of food to feed kids over the weekend,” said Thomas Brown Jr., the Warehouse Manager/Volunteer Coordinator for RIFA.

“The school system can only be as strong as the community that we serve, and so today shows that type of partnership between the school and the community,” said Dr. Ladonna Braswell, the Principal of North Parkway Middle School.

The principals and staff were able to pack over 300 boxes during their time at RIFA. They did so with love, thoughts of the people it will impact, and while comradery filled the room.

“Every week during the school year, we have if not the school system group, we have other volunteers that come in every week and make anywhere from say 900 to maybe 1,200 bags of food to go out,” Brown said. “Or even off for break, like fall break or spring break.”

RIFA impacts everyone, from those who struggle with getting food, people who may have gone through a house disaster like fires, and even people who have been released from incarceration.

Volunteers and donations are in constant need. And any help is appreciated, just as the JMCSS team helped with the boxes.

“If there are any community members or organizations that are out there interested in giving back, a great place to start is RIFA. It’s fun,” Braswell said.

You can get involved at RIFA through a variety of ways, such as monetary, clothing, and furniture donations. You can also do so by giving your time and volunteering.

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