Sea of Blue held for Weakley County captain

WEAKLEY COUNTY, Tenn. — A local sheriff’s deputy was honored by his fellow comrades with a procession.

A Sea of Blue honoring the late Capt. Marty Plunk, with the Weakley County Sheriff’s Office, was held Thursday evening.

It included units from the Weakley County Sheriff’s Office, along with other local and state agencies.

The procession began at the sheriff’s office and continued through Martin, Greenfield, Gleason and then back to Dresden.

Plunk died due to natural causes last Saturday at the age of 52.

“Marty was just a man of great faith, loved the Lord, loved his family, loved law enforcement, the outdoors, and he was just a friend to everybody. Most people around here knew him and they called him before they’d call anybody else,” said Weakley County Sheriff Terry McDade.

According to a post on, funeral services will be held for Plunk on Saturday a 1 p.m. at Dresden’s First Baptist Church.

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