Program helps seniors live triumphantly

JACKSON, Tenn. — Local seniors gathered at a community event with themselves as the focus.

The Salvation Army created Senior Adults Living Triumphantly, also known as SALT.

“This event is something that we do once a month. It’s an opportunity for older adults to come together. It’s called SALT. And the entire idea is for senior adults to live triumphantly,” said Lt. Mark Cancia, with the Salvation Army.

This is the 10th month for SALT, and each month there is a new speaker. Speakers of the past included a doctor in physical therapy, legal services, hospice, and a herbalist.

“This is an opportunity for seniors to come out, to dine with us, to have, ask questions, to voice their opinion on things that they want to know,” said Eugene Anthony, a Senior Advisor for the Salvation Army.

Information is essential. SALT not only gives senior citizens the opportunity to have information to take home with them, but they also give them the platform to be able to speak with the speakers that come in.

Among the opportunities of monthly gatherings, trips and outings are also being talked about, as some seniors also went to camp in the summer through the Salvation Army.

“If anybody wants to support, we’re always looking for donors. And so whether it’s a business that wants to sponsor lunch, or if it’s somebody that just wants to make a contribution of another type,” Cancia said. “Best is through collaboration. And I know that the seniors, they want to get out, they want to go on trips. And so those are resources that could be helpful for us to make that happen.”

SALT is a free event that meets monthly at the Salvation Army in Jackson.

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