Free meals given out by church in West Tennessee

BELLS, Tenn. — The season of giving is upon us, and a local church has made it their mission to help people celebrate Thanksgiving.

Members of the Knee Temple Church handed out 100 Thanksgiving meals to people in Bells and the surrounding areas on Tuesday.

Members says this is something that they do just out of the goodness of their heart, and it is absolutely free.

Pastor Arthur Brown said this is an annual event that has gone on for four years. He wanted to provide families with food for the holiday.

“Because we see in the society that we live in, nowadays people do come up short. And we are so happy that Feed the Needy helps us to help people that are coming up short. So in a time like this, I feel like we’re doing a good deed for the Lord,” Arthur Brown said.

Money for this event and the food is donated to the Knee Temple Church through the Feed the Needy Foundation in Memphis. Feed the Needy is a nonprofit organization with a goal of providing families in Memphis and the Mid-South with food.

“We are supported by the Feed the Needy Foundation out of Memphis, Tennessee, who have been a long 28 years in business of feeding the needy,” Arthur Brown said.

Volunteers for this event say that on a personal level, it makes them feel good to help those in need and give them a Thanksgiving.

“It’s just good seeing people that, you know, have a little less, giving to them. You know, it’s good to see a smile on their face, and it’s good to give back for your soul, really. It makes you feel good too,” said Jalen Brown, a volunteer.

Inside the meal there was all the items needed for a Thanksgiving family feast, like turkey, cranberry sauce, vegetables, and more.

The food was packaged in boxes and simply needed to be cooked and served by the recipients.

Arthur Brown and Knee Temple Church give away free meals every year for Thanksgiving and Easter.

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