Hunt is on for Thanksgiving meal ingredients

JACKSON, Tenn. — Thanksgiving is days away and local residents are on the hunt for their ingredients.


Shortages have been talked about for 2022, and while some stores are feeling the effects, some are still providing their customers Thanksgiving needs.

“We haven’t really noticed a lot of out of stocks. We have regular out-of-stocks, like every grocery store does, but for the most part everything is really well stocked. And out-of-stocks have become less and less,” said Chris Felder, the owner of Grubb’s Grocery.

Grubb’s Grocery offers a variety of items, like deserts, hams, sides, and unique meat substitutions.

“Thanksgiving is certainly known for turkey and ham and meats like that. But we have lots of vegan products here. There is one called Celebration Roast, which is perfect for Thanksgiving for vegans,” Felder said.

Another local favorite is Heavenly Ham. Customers came to pick up their ham and other goodies to make their Thanksgiving one to remember, despite possible shortages.

“I have seen reports of shortages, but we are happy to be getting our ham right now from Heavenly Ham. So no shortage on our part,” said Ronnie Thomas, a shopper at Heavenly Ham.

Other customers shopped early to ensure they could complete their shopping list.

“I have heard a lot about the shortages on a lot of stuff from the hams, the turkeys, even just the small stuff from just little eggs, and you know, the stuff that you need to cook with. But like I said, I went to Walmart, but I’m an early bird,” said Desiree Hoyle, who shopped at Heavenly Ham.

Currently, Grubb’s also has turkeys available for reserve. The earlier you shop, the better your chance to complete your  Thanksgiving shopping list.

And you can also begin thinking about your Black Friday shopping here.

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