City councilman, local church join to host Thanksgiving luncheon

JACKSON, Tenn. — Jackson City Councilman Johnny Dodd and the Mt. Moriah Baptist Church hosted a luncheon on Thanksgiving.

The church prepared all of the traditional Thanksgiving dishes, including turkey, dressing, and other foods.

“We are doing our annual Thanksgiving dinner,” Dodd said. “Been doing it for about fifteen years. This gives us an opportunity to give back to the community. Today is one of those days where you never know what people are going through. Right now the way the economy is, a lot of people do not have food. Today is an opportunity for us to go and bless people throughout our community.”

Pastor of the Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, Ronald Benton, says they try to help those who need it, as well as those that are seeking company while sitting down for a meal.

“We try to give back to those that are unfortunate as well as those that just want to fellowship, because it’s a blessing to give,” Benton said. “On behalf of this community where we serve. We want to make sure that everybody can get the opportunity to find out who everyone is that lives here, and then break some bread together as well.”

Members of the church as well as Councilman Dodd went around to neighborhoods to give out free Thanksgiving meals.

Councilman Dodd is grateful to everyone that helped make this luncheon such a success.

“Collaboration is what I love,” said Dodd. “Communities coming together to serve our community. When you can collaborate and everybody comes together, that’s when you make change. That’s what change is all about people coming together and collaborating. This is what I love just giving back.”

Mt. Moriah Baptist Church is located at 225 Daugherty Street in Jackson.

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