Jackson police share how to fight against porch piracy

JACKSON, Tenn. — With so many shipments and orders going out during the holidays, it is important to keep in mind some best practices to protect your online orders.

“Because you do have people that will follow the UPS trucks and the Post Office trucks. Some great ways to make sure that your packages are protected is make sure if you do have deliveries to your home, you want to always make sure that they’re not left unattended for too long,” said Stephanie Graham, the Public Information Officer for the Jackson Police Department.

Residents are encouraged to have a designated area, lock box, or a trusted person who can check in on the package drop off in order to cut down on potential theft.

The Jackson Police Department offers precautionary resources, including a camera registry online. The camera registry gives the resident the capability to connect their security cameras.

“Also, you can follow us at Neighbors Public Safety Service, which is a service that’s sponsored through Ring Doorbell that also gives you access to be able to upload footage if you do have an issue or incident with your packages,” Graham said.

If a theft occurs, residents are recommended to contact their local law enforcement.

“The city’s website and click on the police sector of the website, and can actually fill out an incident report straight from their mobile device. That’s cell phone, iPads or computer. That’s one step. You can always come to the station in person and fill out a report,” Graham said.

According to Jackson police, the cases have been minor as the holiday season has begun. But keeping practices like these in mind can help keep your holiday cheer and your gifts safe.

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