Students shown financial reality at local high school

JACKSON, Tenn. — Students got a taste of financial reality on Tuesday.

Sacred Heart of Jesus High School students participated in Leaders Credit Union’s Financial Realty program to get them thinking about their financial futures.

Students received options to choose in categories, including cars, child care, house payments, and investments.

Shea Brown, with Leaders, said that in the five years that they have been doing this program, they love to hear the feedback from the students.

“To hear all of the comments that come with it. You know, ‘I need to change my whole life,’ or ‘I can’t afford any of this,’ or ‘Child care is so expensive.’ So that is always fun to hear that feedback from the students, and when they are actually realizing what reality is as far as making financial decisions for their life,” Brown said.

Brown says they hope that students can gain financial knowledge after going through the exercise.

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