Expert reveals Tennessee’s top Google search trends in November

JACKSON, Tenn. — Can you guess the most searched pie for Thanksgiving by Tennesseans?

For the month of November, in the entertainment category, the most searched and most watched TV show was “The Crown” on Netflix.

And in Tennessee, the topic searched the most was Taylor Swift concert tickets and Ticketmaster.

With Thanksgiving falling in November, Google food trends were Thanksgiving-related. That included how to prepare the turkey, Thanksgiving football, and stuffing recipes.

Google Trends expert Charity Mhende says Tennesseans were also looking for something sweet to add to the table.

“Lots of Google interest around pie, and in Tennessee, people were searching for pumpkin pie,” Mhende said. “Other parts of the country, they were searching for apple pie. So lots of really good recipes that are festive treats.”

Mhende says the predictions for the Google trends for the month of December are leaning toward Christmas. That includes Christmas carols, Christmas activities, and Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas.”

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