Jackson church works to donate to schools each month

JACKSON, Tenn. — Wanting to make a difference in their community, Love and Truth Church realized they had the funding to start a new project.

In October, Demark Elementary reached out to the church and asked them for some assistance with funding.

They delivered what they thought would be a one time donation of $1,000. However, after seeing the reaction from the Denmark Elementary staff, and how thankful they were, the church devised a plan to continue giving to schools in Jackson.

“Our youth pastor will make a donation to a high school, and then our children’s directors, Andrew and Brittany, will be making a thousand dollar donation to an elementary school. So we’re going to rotate from month to month. We’re going to give to a high school, and then we’re going to give to an elementary school, just rotate that each month,” said Chris Smith, the Campus Pastor for Love and Truth Church.

Since their first gift to Denmark, they have continued to do so to various schools in the Hub City. In November, they gave North Side High School the $1,000 check.

“So our vision here is changing lives, to change our world. And the people of Love and Truth Jackson campus here really embrace that vision, and they invest their time, their talent, and their treasure. And so people give faithfully to this house. And so as people give each and every week, that’s where part of this money’s coming from, from the giving of the people of the house,” Smith said.

In the future, they plan to give $1,000 checks to schools every month for 12 months. The next school on their list for the month of December is Lincoln Elementary.

“To see the response on the face of the principles and the teachers, and I mean let’s face it, right now society is going through some tough times. And so teachers are some of the most uncelebrated heroes in our communities, and so to be able to give them a financial blessing, to empower them to be better at what they do, it feels really good. But it’s only by the grace of God that we’re able to do that,” Smith said.

Love and Truth Church says that it is their goal to make an impact in the community. They feel as with their donations, they can change the lives of the youth in Jackson.

If you would like to donate to local schools as Love and Truth Church is doing, the Jackson-Madison County School System has their Education Foundation.

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