Family invests in West Tennessee university’s students

CHESTER COUNTY, Tenn. — A family has invested in Freed-Hardeman University students.

The newly named Hatchett Investment Team met with its benefactor Rob Hatchett on Thursday to celebrate the new ownership, as well as present their semester performance.

Hatchett said he looks forward to the partnership.

“This is a great day at Freed-Hardeman. My wife, Rachel and I are excited to partner with the school on the investment team. So we officially rolled out the Hatchett Investment Team. The team has been around for 16 years, and so we have seen the great work that it’s done with the business students here. I’m excited now for us to be able to partner with the school and excited to see what is ahead for the whole team,” Hatchett said.

The team manages a $1 million portfolio. While on the team, students research potential stock buys, present findings to the whole group, make recommendations for purchase, and defend their decisions.

The whole team then votes to determine which stocks to invest in. Hatchett Investment Team Fund Manager Anna Zondervan said this is an important learning opportunity.

“It’s very important to me because this is my third semester on the team. I have been an analyst for two semesters, and this is my semester as a fund manager. I’ve served many different roles and have invested a lot of time and work into researching companies and researching sectors. So this is a very special day for me,” Zondervan said.

Hatchett’s decision to invest in Freed-Hardeman students sprang from a desire to mentor young believers as they grow in their faith and grow as future business leaders.

“I went to school here at Freed, my parents went to school here, my aunts and uncles all went to school here, and I had cousins go to school here. I think about the investment that this school and the people at this school made in me, my education professionally, my faith. And now 20 years later, we are back here to be able to, hopefully, be a small part of making investments in other people. It’s exciting for us,” Hatchett said.

At the end of a year of buying and selling, the balance sheet will be checked. If the fund has made money, the Hatchetts will share a portion of the profits with the FHU College of Business.

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