Several grants provided to West Tennessee libraries

JACKSON, Tenn. — From books to computers, residents are in need of growing resources.

To help out, many libraries throughout Tennessee were visited by Secretary of State Tre Hargett. Each library along the route received a grant according to their specific needs.

The Jackson-Madison County Library was among many West Tennessee grant recipients.

“We were presented with a $15,735 check from the secretary of state’s office. This money will be used for us to buy 11 more Mi-Fi devices. These devices can be checked out by our patrons and used to access the internet at home,” said Dinah Harris, the Director of the Jackson-Madison County Library.

Currently, the library has access to seven Mi-Fi devices that are available to check out for a week at a time. Through the grant, 11 Mi-Fi will be added, bringing the library’s total to 18 devices available to check out.

“We’ve already started purchasing these items. The Mi-Fi devices have already been ordered and the networking equipment is actually going to be installed over the next few days,” Harris said.

“Technology is more important than ever when it comes to running libraries, and you know a lot of us take for granted there is still a lot of citizens out there that don’t have internet access at home. And surely they can go and be able to check out these wifi hotspots so that they have better access. So the more that we can create access for all to internet, then the better off we are going to be,” Hargett said.

Through the grants and new resources, residents are able to have an opportunity to interact with the technology that they need without forfeiting their convenience.

“More and more people are going to school online, hunting for jobs, filling out government applications, and this just makes it more accessible and convenient. You know, for them to do that,” Harris said.

Other libraries receiving a grant includes:

  • Benton County Public Library System (Technology Grant: $11,700)
  • Carroll County Library (TOP Grant: $4,872; Technology Grant: $1,178)
  • Gibson County Memorial Library (Technology Grant: $4,360)
  • Humboldt Public Library (TOP Grant: $3,740; Technology Grant: $2,135)
  • Martin Public Library (Technology Grant: $6,544)
  • McIver’s Grant Public Library (Technology Grant: $4,705)
  • Mildred G. Fields Memorial Library (TOP Grant: $12,816; Technology Grant: $8,135)
  • Ned R. McWherter Weakley County Library (Technology Grant: $1,102)
  • Newbern City Library (Technology Grant: $1,248)
  • Obion County Public Library (TOP Grant: $14,505; Technology Grant: $3,658)

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