Law enforcement to increase patrols for 2022 holiday season

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — Law enforcement is, once again, increasing both patrols and messaging around the holiday season.


The Tennessee Highway Safety Office shared on Friday that they will be working with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office from December 14 to January 1 of next year on the Booze It and Lose It Campaign.

“The holiday season is such an important time of the year to spend with family and friends,” said Sgt. John Pinto. “Driving under the influence is not worth ruining this special time of year for yourself, those you care about, and the public. By driving under the influence, not only do you put yourself at risk but you put everyone else on the road at risk as well.”

As usual around this time of year, patrols will be increased along roadways and highways in order to look for and prevent drunk drivers from bringing harm to themselves and others.

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