Westview High students get national attention for TikTok video

WEAKLEY COUNTY, Tenn. — Students in Weakley County made it to national television for a heartfelt video.

Viral Video Creators And Teacher Who Inspired The Idea From Ltor Piper Johnson Jessica Mcguffin Braedyn Hazlewood

Viral Video Creators And Teacher Who Inspired The Idea From Left to right: Piper Johnson, Jessica McGuffin, Braedyn Hazlewood

The video showed students gifting Chargers jerseys to teachers at Westview High School, a tradition that they say started years ago.

“The jersey tradition is something that we’ve been doing for the past few years. It means a lot to the teachers and students. The video is terrific because it really captures the spirit of the impact of an educator. This type of small gesture makes a big difference in showing how meaningful a mentor in education can be in the life of a student,” said Principal Brian Allen.

The video was created by seniors Braedyn Hazlewood and Piper Johnson, who got their inspiration from educator Jessica McGuffin.

The two seniors filmed and created the video, then posted it to TikTok. As of Friday, the video reached eight million views and around 12,000 shares.

“We were so excited when the video started getting shared and reshared. Then major retailers like Dicks Sporting Goods started engaging with us, and it all blew up. When we heard we were on The TODAY Show this morning, it didn’t seem real. We are so amazed by it all,” said Hazlewood.

“We have a lot of pride in Westview and it’s fun to showcase our school spirit in unique ways on social media. This means a lot to us as Seniors because we’ll soon be graduating, and these teachers have made a big difference in our lives. We are proud to thank them in this way,” Johnson said.

Students and teachers in the video included:

  • Quincy Hamilton
  • Ashton Kershner
  • Omarion Harris
  • Drew Shanklin
  • Jayden Johns
  • Amy Brown
  • Nathan Vu
  • Gaven Hollandsworth
  • Davey Richardson
  • Laura Sterrett
  • Cole Belew
  • Kristen Vernon
  • Candra Smith
  • Austin Brent
  • Jessica McGuffin
  • Christian Ingram
  • Dan Scates
  • Cason Totten
  • Meagan Gottshall
  • Michelle Shanklin
  • Delana Smith
  • Jayden Kerney
  • Jennifer Wenz
  • Craig Ross
  • Willie Trevathan
  • Taylor Haskins
  • Katie Moore
  • Carolyn Glover
  • Hayden Smith
  • Seth Frields
  • Micah Daniels
  • Corbin Jordan

The video was featured on NBC’s The TODAY Show.

You can read the full news release from Weakley County Schools here.

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