Local lodge spreads Christmas cheer

JACKSON, Tenn. —A local group shows the true meaning of Christmas.

The Masonic Christmas project is back once again.

The Jackson Lodge #45 was proud to oversee the event. It was a great turnout with many volunteers in attendance to show their support.

The Chairman for the Event, David Vince, gives some details on how everything works.

“Each child gets one hundred dollars. They go around the store and they can buy whatever they want for themselves and family for Christmas. Afterwards, we will go to a pizza party over at the Masonic Lodge. Masonic Lodge # 45 and each child will be able to wrap up all their gifts and have a big pizza party,” Vince said.

The children also got to pick a shopper from a group of volunteers. The volunteers included bikers, bankers, politicians, and teachers.

The volunteer then took them on a shopping spree where they were able to purchase their items.

Vince is happy to have the opportunity to be able to help do this for the children.

“It’s fantastic, I grew up and there were several times I wouldn’t have had Christmas, if it wasn’t for programs like this. This is a way for myself, the community, and business leaders in the area to come out and give back and help the kids have a great Christmas,” Vince said.

The lodge has been doing this for over ten years now.

“This is our eleventh year, so we have put over 220 kids through,” Vince said.

Each child also received a special gift after the shopping spree.

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