JMCSS rolls out bonuses for support staff

WEST JACKSON, Tenn. — The Jackson-Madison County School system is rolling out its winter bonuses for support staff this upcoming week.

In September, Superintendent Dr. Marlon King announced a 6.2 million dollar investment for school employees. 

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Specifically for support staff, it was announced that they’ll be receiving bonuses broken into 4 quarters. 

One for fall, winter, spring and the end of school year.

Each quarter 250 dollars is given out, and on December 9th the second round of bonuses for support staff will be rolling out.

“We want a school system that our students can be proud of, our teachers can be proud of, but also our employees can be proud of. So whether it’s our bus drivers, whether its members of JMCEA our teachers association we’ve received a lot of positive feed back,” says Greg Hammond, chief of public information.

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