FHU celebrates graduates at its 2022 Commencement

HENDERSON, Tenn. —Local university celebrates graduation on their 153rd academic year.

One local university hosts guests as they celebrate some major accomplishments.

Freed-Hardeman University opened its doors to students, families and supporters on Saturday in honor of the fall graduation.

FHU President, David Shannon, shared some key points with the students to think about the future.

“We challenged them to think about what they had learned while they were here with the essence of time. We also encouraged them to think about how in the workplace, there still deadlines, just like at school,” Shannon said.

The room was filled with excitement and pride as graduates were awarded for their hard work.

“We see ourselves as partners with the parents. And so, commencement is a wonderful time that we get to see those parents and we get to see the smiles and we get to share in the joint venture that we have had the opportunity to journey through for the last several years,” Shannon said.

Among those to graduate Freed-Hardeman University was doctorate graduate, Dr. Heather Bee.

“I’m the first in my family to get a doctorate, and hopefully, I have others to follow behind me. And for anyone who wants to go for their doctorate degree, I would tell you, it’s well worth it, and keep going,” Bee said.

“They use knowledge to impact the world, to make a better work environment for their co workers but also to all that they’re serving throughout their career, that that corporation or that community, or even a family would be blessed, because the individual is taking upon their self the responsibility of learning what they need to know,” Shannon said.

During the ceremony, the students were reminded of principles learned through their time at the university including, the power of time, knowledge, and taking personal responsibility.

“Seeing commencement, seeing students be able to achieve such a hard goal and then knowing that they’re going to go out and accomplish so much with education, and we truly believe that Freed- Hardeman students impact the world,” Shannon said.

A reception followed directly after the ceremony.

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