College enrollment drops in Tennessee

JACKSON, Tenn. — College enrollment is down in the state of Tennessee.

Jackson State Community College

Students that go to a public high school are going to TCATs, community colleges, or public universities at a lower rate.

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, around 60% of graduates across the state would attend higher education. Now only around 52% are going to college.

For men, only three out of 10 will attend a university, TCAT, or community college. In Madison County, only around 44% of graduates continue education.

Dr. Kyle Barron, from Jackson State Community College, believes one way to stop this downward trend is by spreading awareness of the issue.

“And so that’s where we’re really trying to make sure that the students understand the value of the degree is not in getting their first job, it’s in having a fantastic career,” Barron said. “So as we look at Madison County and we’re trying to increase that college going rate, we’re not going to get back to 60% overnight. It won’t happen, but if we could go from low 40s to just 50, that would be fantastic.”

Barron says there are great ways to enroll in further education through Tennessee Promise, ReConnect, or even Pell grants.

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