Knowing your food allergies could lead to better health

JACKSON, Tenn. — New findings have been received, showing the importance of knowing personal food allergies and what foods you may be sensitive to.

Different tests can be conducted through PreviMedica, including the Alcat Food Sensitivity Blood Test.

Yale School of Medicine conducted a study involving patients who have irritable bowel syndrome, finding that using data from the Alcat Test to create a diet plan could indeed improve symptoms patients experienced prior to the study.

Testing over 450 food substances and additives shows possible problematic sensitivities, allowing available resources to be known to patients.

“The main resource, of course, is the information in the test. The dietitian is very helpful. And then also, I always encourage patients, of course, to work with the healthcare providers as well to see how this can be, you know, built into their overall health plan,” said Dr. Wajahat Mehal, a Professor Medicine at Yale School of Medicine.

It was also encouraged for everybody to consider if they’re feeling healthy most of the time, or if you experience symptoms like fatigue for extended periods of time, to check your diet to see if you may have any food sensitivities.

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