Winners of 2022 Light Up Jackson revealed

JACKSON, Tenn. — Several neighborhoods participated in this year’s Light Up Jackson event, and the winners have been announced.

Different residents and businesses participated in the competition, seeing who had the most holiday spirit.

Many residents in the Wyndchase subdivision started putting up their lights early, and that is when other neighbors joined in.

“We started and then it was a ripple effect. Down the cove, more and more people started putting lights out and we all just felt the Christmas spirit, and the whole neighborhood has really gotten into it,” said Holly Maroney, a resident of the the Wyndchase subdivision.

Wyndchase Drive was the winner for Magical Winter Wonderland. The subdivision was filled with lights, inflatables, and overall holiday spirit.

“I got home from out of town last night and saw a sign in the neighbor’s yard that our neighborhood won and I was so excited,” Maroney said.

The winner for best overall display was just three minutes down the road from Wyndchase, on 51 Singing Tree Drive. The yard and home were covered with holiday lights.

“We’ve been doing this since we lived in Michigan. So since these guys could walk, they were helping us string up lights. And then we tried to get a little bigger, a little better every year. And with this house, this year I told the boys we’re getting you on the roof. We’re going to the tippy top, and they complained a little, but we got it done,” said Andrew Miller, a homeowner.

It took around a month to put up their display with a nativity scene, gingerbread man, Santa, and lights filling up the front yard.

“I think my favorite is the nativity. Yeah. The nativity is probably my favorite. We drive all the way to Memphis to get that. It’s a 1958 original, and I paid about 300 for that. But I’ve been offered many times more than that because of its history,” Miller said.

“We’re always purposeful by putting the nativity front and center cause we’re Christians, and we remember the reason for the season,” Miller said.

All winners will receive a holiday decorating contest window or lawn sign, a trophy for bragging rights, and a gift card.

Fifty-two entries were submitted. You can find a map of where all of them are here.

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