Farmers get insight on harsh weather conditions moving in

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Tennessee Soybean Winter meeting was held Tuesday to give local farmers insight on harsh weather conditions moving in within the next few days.

The meeting was held at West Tennessee Research and Education Center in west Jackson.

Keynote speaker, Eric Snodgrass joined the meeting via Zoom to discuss how future weather conditions can influence timely production for soybean growers.

David Nichols, with the United Soybean Board of Tennessee, says farmers will face many challenges this season.

“This bout of cold that we’ve got coming in will affect all the farmers here, especially livestock farmers, but also soybean farmers in the fact that there’s still grain trying to be moved. So with this frigid weather that we’ll have, these low temperatures, that can affect equipment and moving of grain,” Nichols said.

Experts believe those effects have the ability to shape the market. With harvesting complete at this point, the meeting offered farmers a close examination on unique impacts and the responses of specific regions.

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