West Tennessee woman shares experience with NICU

JACKSON, Tenn. — Delta Dental of Tennessee has launched its 10th annual holiday campaign, pledging a collective $75,000 in donations to the seven children’s hospitals across the state.

This year’s campaign highlights the critical role that neonatal intensive care units bring to their communities.

One-year-old Michael Vincent was born on December 19, 2021. He was born early at 28 weeks, weighing one pound and 12-ounces, making him a premature baby.

“He had to spend a significant time at the NICU, for a total of 85 days, which is almost three months. And I’m here just to spread words on the campaign to raise money and awareness for the NICU babies here at the Jackson general hospital,” said Breion Vincent, the mother of Michael Vincent.

Breion Vincent has experienced first-hand the care and commitment from staff at Jackson-Madison County General Hospital.

“I was considered a high-risk pregnancy,” Breion Vincent said. “So Dr. Hulky, who is the doctor here at Jackson general for high-risk pregnancy, he was the one that told me my baby would probably be coming early due to just some medical conditions during the time of pregnancy.”

Once Michael Vincent was born, he spent nearly three months in the NICU, getting help from hospital staff to get him where he needs to be physically.

“For him, he was like, ‘I am tired of these people sticking me with these little needles and checking my temperature and all types of things.’ And for me, of course I was glad just to have their support and continued support even now that he’s one-year-old, just checking on him and making sure that he’s developing as well as he is,” Breion Vincent said.

Michael Vincent still comes to the hospital for annual visits, but his growth has been tremendous. He’ll continue coming to the hospital for check-ups until he’s three-years-old.

“For all the women who do end up having an early pregnancy that you are in good hands by coming to the Jackson hospital, and that also trust me, these nurses here at the NICU do a phenomenal job,” Breion Vincent said.

With Delta Dental of Tennessee pledging a collective $75,000 in donations, the funding will be directed in-part based on public input. You can select a hospital to support here.

You can watch a video featuring Ayer’s, along with baby Michael Vincent below:

According to Delta Dental in 2021, one in nine babies born in the state was pre-term.

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