Shoppers work to prepare themselves for the weather

JACKSON, Tenn. — Shoppers are picking up some extra items as weather changes blow in.

Shoppers Work To Prepare Themselves For The Weather

People are preparing for the bad weather, and some items may include the ice melt salt, as well as fuel cans, shovels to clear out your driveway, and weather proof boots.

Some shoppers found items they haven’t previously used when getting ready for bad weather.

“We found it easily here at Ace. I’ve always gotten about everything, and they didn’t have exactly what we wanted cause they’re out of it. But this’ll work,” said James Fullerton.

“We normally don’t cover the faucet up. We never had trouble before. But we’re having unprecedented weather coming in, so we don’t know what it’s going to do. We want to be safe than sorry,” said Terry Fullerton.

Another customer looked for an item he knew would be essential.

“We have to get some frost free hydrant protection because everybody, like me, decides to wait to the last minute. So I’m gonna try and find some of those if I can or make some if I have to possibly get some salt for the driveway,” said Caleb Keel.

Shoppers Work To Prepare Themselves For The Weather

Even with getting a few last minute items, some residents seemed pretty prepared to face the weather.

“We’re pretty well in good shape, as far as heat and everything. Electricity goes off, we will still be good cause I got a floor furnace. Gas,” James Fullerton said.

“Got a tracker so I can get in and out if I need to,” Terry Fullerton said.

Some personal items such as compact heaters in the form of hand and toe warmer packs, gloves, and extra layers can be a great resource to have if you do have to go out into the cold.

Some noticeable products that have been in high demand are insulted covers for the faucets, ice melting salt and shovels.

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