Warming shelters open for residents around West Tennessee

HENDERSON COUNTY, Tenn. — All of West Tennessee will is facing the coldest weather since the 1980s.

Temperatures are expected to drop drastically due to an arctic air mass coming through.

Many counties are preparing for the harsh incoming weather by taking extra precautions.

Hardin, Henderson, Chester, Carroll, and Crockett counties will be providing warming centers for anyone needing the help.

Director for Voices of Savannah, Deborah Shaw says three shelters will be available in Hardin County.

“Voices of Savannah, which is a prevention coalition, is opening a warming station. We also have two other stations that are available,” Shaw said.

The locations for the three stations are 212 Eureka Street that stays open until 8:30, the Saltillo Community Center that is open for 24 hours, and the East End United Methodist Church at 285 Fairground Street that will be open overnight.

Each location will provide food and water. Shaw is happy for all of the help.

“It’s absolutely amazing. We are thankful to Hardin County for all of the donations we have received from businesses to private individuals. We really appreciate the support,” Shaw said.

Henderson County will have their warming shelter at the Watson Emergency Center in Conference Room A. They will be opening the shelter at 6 p.m. on Thursday and will be open until Christmas Day at 9 a.m. Blankets, pillows, food, and water will be provided.

Chester County will have a room available at City Hall on the second floor. The location will be open for 24 hours. Snacks and water will also be given out.

In McKenzie, a warming center has been opened at the City Hall located at 2470 Cedar Street. It will be open all night. Food is allowed, but pets are not. 

In Carroll County, a warning center will be open all night at 210 Norandal Drive in Huntingdon. Pets are required to be in a carrier. Snacks will be available.

In Henderson, a warming shelter is being set up in the classroom on the second floor of City Hall, located at 121 Crook Avenue.

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