Utility companies call for reduction in electric use, expect rolling blackouts

JACKSON, Tenn. — Utility customers are being asked to reduce all non-essential electric use.

Alerts have been issued by local utility companies such as Jackson Energy Authority, the Southwest Tennessee Electric Corporation and the Gibson Electric Membership Corporation.

The Tennessee Valley Authority is asking all electric power consumers to reduce their use of electricity as much as possible until further notice.

The TVA says the voluntary reduction is needed to help avoid any interruptions in service amid the extreme cold temperatures.

The Gibson Electric Membership Corporation says many customers have experienced outages since Thursday night, and crews are continuously working to restore power to everyone.

Additionally, the TVA is requiring rolling blackouts throughout the day. Customers may experience 15-minutes of power interruption as companies trip their breakers one area at a time.

Steps you can take to help reduce power usage include delaying use of electric appliances, reducing the use of heating, and turning off all lights and other electrical equipment when not needed.

The TVA says they are using all available resources to make power available to consumers.

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