Shortage leaves hundreds without water

HARDIN COUNTY, Tenn. — Residents in Hardin County, along with many others, have experienced lingering effects after the winter storm before Christmas.

To help combat the freezing temps, they did what they thought would be a help in the long run.

Shortage Leaves Hundreds Without Water

“People running their water to keep their pipes from freezing and bursting. Also, we have a lot of that residents that do not live here, their second homes,” said Larry Vandiver, the General Manager of First Utility District of Hardin County. “Pipes started the breaking of it, and nobody there at the home. And nobody didn’t know it until we started downloading our meters.”

With such a large amount of water used, the shortage has affected hundreds.

“We have roughly around 2,900 customers that are on our systems,” Vandiver said. “We had to shut off about 700 to maintain our main tank.”

But even with the stress levels high, temperaments have not.

“I appreciate the patience of our customers, that’s what I would like to add. How that they have been so generous and kind, and what they did with us,” Vandiver said.

Future plans are already being worked on.

Shortage Leaves Hundreds Without Water

“One thing we are looking into more storage, more stuff to try and get ahead,” Vandiver said.

The team is continuing to work on getting the water supply back up and available for customers, with the hope of things returning by the weekend.

You can stay up-to-date on their progress through Facebook.

Water is available to those who need it. You can read more about where to find it here.

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