Community pulls together for those in need amid water issues

CHESTER COUNTY, Tenn. — One local community pulls together to help those in need.

Since the holiday weekend when temperatures dropped to single digit numbers, many parts of Henderson County have been without water due to pipes bursting. One of the communities in Chester County also receives water from Lexington’s utility department, the community of Enville.

“Well we wanted to be able to supply drinking water to the people of this community that was out of water,” said Chester County Mayor Barry Hutcherson.

Due to many Lexington Utilities customers in Chester County not having water, the Chester County officials organized a water distribution to those in need.

The Chester County Mayor’s Office handed out water to anyone who needed it at the Roby Road Fire Station located near Enville.

Tuesday, they had personnel on staff to distribute this clean water.

“Yesterday we got here, we sent it out on Facebook and advertised it to the community and the people that needed water to be here at 2 o’clock and we’d be here to distribute the water,” Mayor Hutcherson said. “The parking lot was full, there was a lot of people here needing drinking water.”

Lexington Utilities is working hard to fix all the water issues. General Manager Michael Harper says that right now, they are working on building up as much pressure in the system as possible.

“If they see running water, call us and let us know so we can cut the meters off,” Harper said. “That is our biggest holdup now. It’s draining pressure as it moves further out in the system. So the biggest thing is our crews are looking for that, with the help of our customers, and if we get that the pressure will build up there faster.”

When Harper was asked if he had a message for those in Chester County, he responded:

“Well I know it’s been tough, especially during the holiday season. You know, you have family in, you’re preparing lunch, dinner, and things like that. I know it’s put a kink in all of that. Just be patient with us. Best case scenario and it may possibly be low pressure but some kind of water hopefully by the end of the day today or possibly tonight. That’s best case scenario. Thats what were striving for.”

If you live around Roby Road or Enville and don’t have access to drinking water, call the Chester County Mayor’s Office, fire department, or emergency management.

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