New housing aimed at helping the elderly

LEXINGTON, Tenn. — The Lexington Housing Authority is setting up plans to help the elderly in Henderson County.

The housing authority recently started a nonprofit organization to help make this a reality.

New Housing Aimed At Helping The Elderly

“We have actually started a nonprofit off of our housing authority. 501(c)(3) by the name of TAG-C Corporation, which means They’re All God’s Children. With that organization, we can apply for grants because we are nonprofit and take donations,” said Lexington Housing Authority Executive Director Toywona Mayo.

The housing authority is planning on building some housing for the elderly.

“Our county officials, our county mayor actually gave us money to buy five acres of land. We are going to take that five acres, and hopefully, in our plans is to build some one bedroom units and some handicapped units for our elderly,” Mayo said.

The housing authority has noticed the need for housing for the elderly. Mayo says that’s their first priority.

New Housing Aimed At Helping The Elderly

“Our elderly are in need. We see the need. I love our elderly people. That’s going to be first priority, helping our elderly. We have a lot of veterans that applied that we have nowhere to put them, so this is first priority. I’m excited about it, really excited,” Mayo said.

Mayo says the inspiration to do this came from wanting to help those in need.

“Our inspiration comes from helping others, helping our elderly. I have a county mayor, I have a city mayor who is willing to help. They see the need and we are going to go forward with it,” Mayo said.

The units are expected to be located on the east side of Lexington on Roy Pruitt Road.

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