Local painter bringing new mural to life in east Jackson

JACKSON, Tenn. – A local painter used her craft to build her new life.

“I left home. I was really young. And this is what I did. I traveled around and I painted to earn my money,” said Loralea Landrum, who is creating a mural for Doe’s Eat Place.

Landrum is a painter who currently lives in Henderson with her two sons.

But a few years ago, her life looked very different, as she was technically homeless in the Hub City.

Landrum was resourceful, and used her talents as a way of life, even creating a place to her own.

“When I was homeless here, initially, a lot I did was paint signs for the different businesses around here,” she said. “Like, I was in the treehouse in the woods and I would come out and paint and make some grocery money and go back to my treehouse.”

The treehouse provided more than shelter, it was a home for her for almost three years.

“But like even the treehouse, I had that wood stove. Like it was warm in there. Like we had the microwave, we had lights, we had the bluetooth speaker,” she said. “I made money. So like I had tools, I had power tools to build with and stuff.”

Landrum and her sons also have a big goal they are working to.

“Our whole big dream is to be able to find us a couple acres of land, you know, with some little water on it. And recreate that, but just legit,” she said.

Landrum has been working on the Doe’s mural for a month now, and as work continues, she’s excited to see the finished result.

It was originally expected to be completed in two months, but it may be a little longer.

Her other work includes the mural along the Bramblett Group building in Henderson, the sign at a liquor store on Royal Street, and additional artwork in local schools.

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