County mayor speaks to Rotary Club

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — A local organization held a special guest on Wednesday.

The Jackson Rotary Club welcomed Madison County Mayor A.J. Massey, where he spoke about future plans for the county.

The mayor urged the importance of looking towards the future of Madison County and the ideas he has to carry out this goal.

Massey highlighted one of the initiatives the county plans to carry out in the new year.

“We’re doing an audit from top to bottom of how we can be better, and I think that’s going to uncover some things that may be not so much fun to hear. But we’re going to make sure to put impact behind those and be able to report what actionable items that we did, how we improved the lives of Madison County, and how we spent their tax dollars in the right way,” Massey said.

Massey says he continues to look for ways to improve the future of Madison County.

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