Poll of the Day: Learning a second language

JACKSON, Tenn. — Experts at Writing Tips have found what language Tennesseans search to learn the most.


They found that Spanish was at the top, followed by Japanese and then Korean.

Staff at Writing Tips took the average monthly Google searches, such as “how to learn X,” “learn X,” “X classes near me” to find the top three for each state.

They say Spanish was the top language in every state, with a total of 476,900 average monthly searches.

Writing Tips stated:

“Learning a new language has an abundance of benefits, from advancing your career to enhancing the connection to other countries and cultures – so it’s fascinating to see such different languages make the top of the rankings. Plus, it can even improve communication and vocabulary in your first language. With the sheer amount of searches for learning Spanish across the nation, it will be interesting to see how this impacts the number of speakers in the U.S.”

And remember, there are plenty of resources available to help you learn nearly any language that interests you.

The Tennessee Language Center offers language classes in Spanish, Japanese and Korean, and more.

Through your phone, Duolingo offers languages in Arabic, Scottish Gaelic, Welsh, Navajo, and more.

A subscription to Rosetta Stone can help you learn Mandarin, German, and more.

Plus, you can check out your local libraries, such as the Jackson-Madison County Library, to see if they have books that can help you in finding your second tongue.

Si está buscando aprender inglés como segundo idioma, consulte las clases con Jackson State Community College. Duolingo también ofrece clases de inglés para hablantes no nativos, ¡todo gratis!

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