Local restaurant to be nationally recognized

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. — A local restaurant is to be nationally recognized.

Livingston’s Soda Fountain and Grille, a restaurant in Brownsville, will be featured by a national internet show titled America’s Best Restaurants.

ABR’s roadshow travels across the country to highlight independently-owned restaurants.

ABR has produced more than 800 episodes that can be found on their social media channels, and their website.

Filming began Thursday at Livingston’s.

The episode will showcase the restaurant’s popular dishes that are made from scratch, as well as an interview with owners Jack and Glenda Pettigrew.

“Livingston’s speaks for itself. Just on a personal note, I love seeing buildings like this. Like an old post office that’s been repurposed into something else, yet they’ve still maintained the architectural integrity of this place,” said Greg Hutson, the host of America’s Best Restaurants.

Hutson says the menu at Livingston’s is incredible!

“I mean they are making everything from scratch her at Livingston’s, and that’s another thing that is important to us too, restaurants that are doing it the right way,” he said. “They were telling me Alex, the chef, is making their own tartar sauce here.” 

The episode will be aired on various social media channels at a later date.

And as Hutson pointed out, this everything-made-from-scratch restaurant in West Tennessee is located right off the highway. 

Livingston’s Soda Fountain and Grille can be found at 60 South Washington Avenue.

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