Tax info officer talks about early advance return

JACKSON, Tenn. — Now that tax season has started, many are filing and hoping to get their refunds as soon as possible.

However, the IRS will not start processing returns until January 23.

Tax Season

Jackson Hewitt Tax Services commissioned a survey and found that 77% of taxpayers didn’t know they could get an advance on their tax refund, but with Jackson Hewitt, you can!

“And many people, three out of four, get a refund. Some people need that money right now because of all the economic situations. So our early refund program is nothing magical. You just come in, we do your tax return to get it ready, and then you can walk out with some money up to a thousand dollars on phase one, on a card that day,” said Mark Steber, Chief Tax Information Officer for Jackson Hewitt.

Steber also mentioned that clients can also apply for a no fee refund advance loan and could receive up to $3,500 all before they receive their refund this year.

The deadline to submit taxes, otherwise known as Tax Day, will be April 18 of this year.

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