Miss Teen Volunteer America Pageant to be held in March

JACKSON, Tenn. – A national competition is returning to the Hub City.

Jackson plans to host the Miss Teen Volunteer America Pageant from March 8 through March 11.

Contestants from over 40 states will make their way to the city. Last year’s pageant was also held in Jackson, where Ellie Schmidt, who is from the state of Washington, took home the crown.

Miss Tennessee Teen Volunteer Annie Zhao will be representing Tennessee. She is a Memphis native and is currently attending the University of Virginia.

“I think Jackson is a great place to hold the national pageant. And like the state pageant, everybody loved it. The environment was booming. I mean all the contestants, the parents, the city, it was alive. And I think the same thing can happen with the national pageant. Everyone should come out and see this because I mean there’s 40 plus multi-faceted, talented girls who are competing for these titles, and what better way to spend your weekend than come to Miss Volunteer America,” Zhao said.

Zhao says her platform is “Discovery Your Path” for students.

“I do so by, one, interviewing professionals of different backgrounds, getting their advice and sharing it through social media, but also taking my followers along my journey of discovery in my path,” she said. 

Zhao says whether it is volunteering at a food bank or reading to kids, she wants to lead by example to motivate students to help the community.

“It’s really amazing to see that these things can be done, and that’s what really inspires students and young people to do so as well,” Zhao said.

Tickets go on sale at the end of this week. You can find them on Miss Volunteer America’s website.

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