Blue Oval community holds first meeting of 2023

JACKSON, Tenn. — Blue Oval community held their first meeting of the year.

Blue Oval City

Blue Oval community held its first meeting on Wednesday, where they planned out opportunities for the coming months.

They plan to talk with the Tennessee and West Tennessee Home Builders Associations in February to encourage housing developments.

In March, they will get an update from TNECD’s business development on supplier recruitment opportunities.

Blue Oval community encourages you to look for upcoming sessions on how to take care of your current manufacturers, reports from other communities, updates on construction, hiring, and community planning.

“We have several meeting coming up that are already scheduled. We are trying to get back on track to have a couple meetings a month going forward. So this we be our only meeting for January. But for February, we have two meetings scheduled,” said Brooke Carlton, the Assistant Director for Rural Development.

Blue Oval will continue to keep adding topics and meeting information to their website.

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