Health dept. provides COVID update on anniversary of U.S.’s first case

JACKSON, Tenn. — January 20, 2023 marks three years since the first COVID-19 case was confirmed in the U.S. And here in Madison County, it is important to see where we are now.

“The latest numbers from the CDC show that we are in a high community area for COVID-19,” said Ginger Rowsey, Public Information Officer for the Jackson-Madison County Regional Health Department. “And we’re also in a relatively high level for flu.”

While Madison County shows high levels, the counties of Haywood, Henderson and Decatur all show as medium.

“When we are in a high community level, the CDC recommends that especially those people who are very high risk of getting sick, maybe take some extra steps,” Rowsey said. “And that could mean wearing a mask when you go out and avoiding indoor activities if you can.”

“Flu cases are declining, we are still though in that high community level or moderately high community level here in Madison County,” Rowsey added. “It’s been a rough flu season, and it’s not over with yet. Because, you know, this time of year is when we are most susceptible.”

With the top of the year, kids have officially gone back to school and it is important that they have the proper tools to stay healthy.

“Just remind your kids to also practice those good hygiene habits, washing their hands, and covering their mouth and nose, and if your kids are sick keep them at home,” Rowsey said. “And don’t send them to school if they have a fever or they are showing symptoms of flu or COVID-19.”

Along with keeping good hygiene and appropriately masking up, it is also recommended to stay up-to-date with the needed boosters and vaccines.

Click here for the latest information from the CDC on COVID-19 vaccines and boosters.

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