Grocery store incident prompts large police presence

JACKSON, Tenn. —Incident draws police presence at local grocery store.

A little before 2:30 pm we received a tip of a large police presence at a local grocery store.

According to Jackson Police Department, there was a group involved in an altercation at a local business.

The argument then moved to the Lynwood Kroger located on 941 North Parkway.

During the fight, a gun was drawn, but fortunately no shots were fired.

Witnesses say they heard some scuffling at first, then witnessed a fight and a gun being drawn.

Witness Adam Henry talks about what he saw.

“I was just sitting out here having a smoke break and heard some scuffling around the corner, and I went and looked and they were fighting. They pulled a gun and I think one stripped the gun from the other one and that was about all I seen. They dispersed after that,” Henry said.

Another witness tells us what he saw.

“I came out of the barber shop for my Saturday trim and seen the ruckus outside. People screaming, someone pulled a gun, an altercation inside a Kroger, out of all the places in
Jackson. They done took it from the streets to the stores now. It’s ridiculous, man,” said Keith Black, witness.

The Jackson Police say that nobody was harmed during the incident.

Store employee Ryan Chumley, says he is happy that nobody was hurt.

“I just hear a bunch of commotion. I had to make sure all of the people went to the back so they were safe. The kids and stuff like that. Just make sure they were out of the way. I’m just glad that nobody got hurt or nothing like that,” Chumley said.

JPD say that the investigation remains ongoing. Stay with Wbbj-7 Eyewitness news on air and online for future updates.

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