Local bakery feels the effects of a national shortage

JACKSON, Tenn. — Egg prices have soared to historically high prices.

Although households across the country are feeling the effects, so are the places that need them the most.

For the past six to eight months, Woodstock Bake Shop in north Jackson has been feeling the effects of increased egg prices. And now they’re rarely getting their regular delivery of eggs, causing them to take matters into their own hands.

“Since we are a small business,” said Lainey Hays, the owner of the bakery. “The eggs are gone before we get any access to them, so we’re having to resort to going to our local Sam’s, Walmart, Kroger and the prices there are insane.”

The price of eggs have increased since the spread of highly pathogenic avian influenza, killing millions of chickens and turkeys.

Last year, Woodstock paid $10 for seven dozens of eggs. Now, they’re paying around $30 to $40 for the same seven dozen.

They bake four batches of cupcakes per flavor and each batch uses eight eggs. And if you add up the numbers, it can be very costly.

“We use eggs other than our cupcakes, so we have a full breakfast menu that has omelets, bacon, egg, and cheese. And those do reflect the egg prices a little bit. We do function with those prices, but other than that, we’ve had to scale back on some of our menu items,” Hays said.

Woodstock hasn’t changed their cupcake prices just yet. In fact, they’ve had to cut back on other produce, like fruit, in order to afford eggs.

“January, thankfully, is our slow month. So we’re able to scale back our menu, but coming into the summer and spring, we’re going to have to continuing carrying our full menu. So that means we’re going to have to go up a little bit,” Hays said.

Everyday, the bakery staff buys eggs several times a day. On average, eight dozen are used, but when it’s busy, they use up to 20 dozen. And if prices continue to increase, so will the price of their cupcakes.

“Just be kind to people in the restaurant industry right now. Just because we have to go up on prices doesn’t mean we’re trying to profit more money. Sometimes we have to fluctuate our prices and to be kind to people in the restaurant industry right now,” Hays said.

Good news, the wholesale prices of eggs in the US are coming down.¬†However, you probably won’t see real savings at the grocery store for a few weeks.

Experts say you should start seeing relief at the shelves as soon as the retailers have time to pass those savings along.

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