Students get shopping trip with police officers

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Boys and Girls Club of Jackson partnered with the Jackson Police Department and Dick’s Sporting Goods of Jackson to award students for good behavior.

“We’ve selected 10 of our kids based on behavior, performance just being awesome people so they can come in and shop with Dick’s Sporting Goods,” said Renee Jones, the Director of Organization and Development and Communication for the Boys and Girls Club.

All 10 students received a $100 gift card to Dick’s, picking out whatever they could in budget. And they had the help of some Jackson police officers.

“I got shoes, and two cups for me and my momma,” said Sha’riyah, who went shopping.

This event is the first of its kind. They’re calling it Triple Coplay with JPD.

“We want to make sure that they have a lasting memory and experience with the good side of what it means to be in a good relationship with our police department. We need each other. They are here to protect and serve, and we’re here to serve as well. And together, we’re a community,” Jones said.

After they’re shopping spree, Dick’s provided food from Zaxby’s.

And with its success, the Jackson Police Department wants to continue doing events like these to strengthen the relationship between law enforcement and the community.

“Anytime we can build relationships with youth and kids in the city, we’re going to jump on these opportunities because those relationships are so meaningful and so needed, particularly for the future,” said Jackson Police Chief Thom Corely.

The Boys and Girls Club of Jackson would like to thank both Dick’s and Jackson Police Department for their partnership.

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