National School Choice Week helps parents find best fit for kids

JACKSON, Tenn. — National School Choice week is here. What are some of your options for parents and students?

Online School

More than half of parents have said that they were considering, or had considered in the last year, choosing a new or different school for one of their children, according to a survey by National School Choice Week.

“National School Choice Week, it helps educate families as they are making decisions, and they choose which learning environment is best for their child. It’s not saying one school choice is better than another. But simply exploring what options are out there and finding something that is the best fit,” said Alyssa Draper, a teacher at Tennessee Connections Academy.

Different options can include public schools, private schools, magnet and charter schools, homeschooling, and even online schools such as Tennessee Connections Academy.

“We are an online school. Being an online schools provides some different benefits for kiddos than being in brick and mortar schools would. At TNCA, we provide flexibility for students who might be actors or athletes, for students who have maybe experienced anxiety, bullying, or they can’t physically attend a brick and mortar school,” Draper said.

TNCA has various ways of working with students. They provide a homeroom with whole group instruction. They also provide small group learning. Students can also book a time with their teachers to get one-on-one instruction in various subjects that they need.

“Every child deserves a quality education. An environment that provides inspiration, motivation, and most importantly, one that they thrive in,” Draper said.

Anyone interested in schooling options can go to the “Parent Resources” page on Tennessee School Board Association’s website.

National School Choice Week continues through the January 28.

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