School system brings together rising freshmen

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Jackson-Madison County School System held a special meeting Thursday for students.

The school system held a meeting for eighth graders and their parents as they prepare to transition to high school.

The meeting was held at Jackson State Community College, where students learned about the programs of study that will be available to them on the high school level, along with open enrollment opportunities.

The school system’s Director of Social and Behavioral Services, Rhonda Heard-Bigham, said this transition is another step towards each student’s future career.

“It’s a big step. It’s different from elementary to middle. And now you’re middle school and you’re going to have opportunities to get college credit, go take classes at college. So we just want them to know this is a big step towards their career,” Heard-Bigham said.

Heard-Bigham said they plan to hold meetings like this each year for students and parents to be prepared for a successful high school career.

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