State’s 2022 State of the Child report released

JACKSON, Tenn. — A report showcased some top needs of the younger generation, and how you can play a role in their success.

2022 State Of The Child

The Tennessee 2022 State of the Child report debuted in early January.

“Throughout the report, we see that even prior to the pandemic, mental health challenges were increasing. More Tennesseans were having suicidal ideations and suicidal behaviors. But also what we see is that when you feel like they belong in school and feel connected and feel like their community cares about them, those suicidal ideations decreased significantly,” said Kylie Graves, the Policy Specialist on the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth.

Graves shared that the part of an adult, as a safe and sturdy person, plays a vital role in the child’s life.

“I think that when I look at what citizens and communities can do, is there really is a desperate need for foster homes in Tennessee. And so, you know, I would say that anyone that has ever even remotely thought, ‘Hey, maybe I would want to be a foster parent. Maybe I’m called to do this work. Maybe I’m feeling something that I want to learn more about this.’ I would really encourage them to step out and take that leap,” said Richard Kennedy, the Executive Director of the Tennessee Commission on Children and Youth.

Potential foster parents are not the only ones who can help to better the life of children. Those who give help in different ways also find valuable information in the report as well, such as the information needed that may be required in certain grants.

“They can look at what, you know, what’s happening across the state and where they might be able to provide assistance, local nonprofits, local community organizations. It really will give them that data of our children are doing well in some areas and really not well in others,” Kennedy said.

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