Where to report potholes in your area

JACKSON, Tenn. — Have you ever driven over a pothole and wondered what you can do to get it repaired?


“Potholes are formed in that winter time when the pavement is cold, and then we get a rain event, and then once we have that rain event and the rain seeps down into the cracks, and then we have another freeze event, and then it thaws, and then all of that expansion from that frozen area, you know, cracks and forms the pothole,” said Nichole Lawrence, the Community Relations Officer for the Tennessee Department of Transportation.

TDOT says they fix potholes by using a temporary or permanent solution.

Lawrence said the temporary solution is used because the asphalt plants are shut down for the winter.

She explained fixing those potholes are different in warmer weather.


“In the summertime, we use more of a permanent fix, where we can go in and if it’s bad enough, mill out the portion of the pothole and go back in and repave it with a more permanent fix,” Lawrence said.

If the pothole is on a city road within the Jackson city limits, you can call 311 or use the Ready311 Mobile app to report it.

If the pothole is on a state route such as Interstate 40 or highway 412 you can notify TDOT by dialing 833-TDOTFIX or visiting tn.gov/tdot and filling out a maintenance request form.

“That goes through our call center. It is then dispatched to the area that the complaint is about and those engineers will make that check and we’ll add it to our routine maintenance list, to get out and fix,” Lawrence said.

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