Tops Google search trends for January revealed

JACKSON, Tenn. — What do girls scout cookies, the Dallas Cowboys and the University of Georgia have in common?

Google Searches

The answer to that question is that they were all some of the major Google searches for Tennessee across the month of January.

According to a Google trend expert, for the nation as a whole, some other searches included jury duty after one juror was tasked with writing a 30 page essay.

Another was an increase in air travel searches, which they say was due to the issues and cancellations that took place in December around the holidays.

“Trends really give us an idea of what is popular in the United States or really anywhere in the world. And we can all use, and it’s a great way to search for your specific interests,” said Google Trends expert Elizabeth Howard.

For example, on January 26 there was a spike in searches in Tennessee for Taylor Swift.

Google breaks it down, showing the interest for Swift by city.

Jackson came in sixth in searches for Taylor Swift in the last 30 days, with 56% percent of searchs compared to Kim Kardashian with 44%.

Howard also shared how searches can help you stay more informed, even with searches on weather, such as terms like “atmospheric rivers” that took place in California recently.

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