Black History Month • Week One

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Founder & Executive Director of Keep My Hood Good (KMHG) and Jackson Madison County Commissioner, District 5

What’s new with you?

  • We will be celebrating Keep My Hood Good 13 year Anniversary Banquet, February 9, 6:30p at 141 Pleasant Plains Rd.
  • We have two (2) Union University Social Work Interns & three (3) UServe students serving Fall 2022 – Spring 2023.
  • Our first Newsletter was issued and posted on our webpage & FB in December created by our two Social Work Union University Interns.
  • We are still breaking generational and poverty cycles Monday through Thursday 3p-6p teaching the principles of Accountability, Excellence, Integrity and Respect.
  • KMHG Artists will have their artworks displayed at City Hall during Black HistoryMonth.

Kids standing in front of a Keep My Hood Good Mural

What does Black History Month mean to you?

It means 28 days to recognize Pioneers and Black Power Leaders who have paved a way for me. It’s a time to recheck on how far our own Black Community has come in this journey.

Do you celebrate Black History Month? If so, how?

No, I celebrate Black History.

Who do you look up to and why?

Malcolm X, mainly, due to my longtime interest in understanding how his childhood affected his adult life, leading up to his beliefs and sustainability. The importance of understanding how living in an underprivileged home with self-taught education, angry at his father’s murder, all prior to the terror of witnessing his childhood house burn, all related to his mother’s mental breakdown involving a split home was a movement I want to understand.

Tupac, mainly, due to my longtime interest in his lyrics of his childhood life experiences that supported his adulthood movements. His words were heard and felt by many.

Does their work affect you now? If so, how?

It does. I now seek Change. I now seek Involvement. I now seek Visibility within Our Community.

Is there anything we missed or anything you’d like to add?

Thank you for this moment…

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