Some roads slick following second round of winter weather

JACKSON, Tenn. — How did last night’s freezing rain and ice impact our area?

Some Roads Slick Following Second Round Of Winter Weather

Many businesses and city offices were closed to start the first day of February. The condition of the roads was a big factor in that decision.

While it did not keep everyone off of the roads, most people stayed home.

“They are too dangerous. I would advise anybody that don’t have to come out, to stay in. Or if you got to get out, to get on out now because it’s freezing. It’s continuing. The temperatures are dropping, and the roads are getting worse,” said Madison County native Free Coleman.

While it seems that most main roads are clear, everyone that we have talked to seem to think that the less common roads are the worst problem.

“I have been down Highland too. It’s some spots, you know, it’s spots. But the backs roads are extremely hazardous,” Coleman said.

“Most of the major highways are clear. Some of the backroads are still a little slick. And concerned about the weather that’s coming in and whether that’ll add to it, or what we’ve got coming later this afternoon or tonight. But, mostly, the roads are passable,” said Brent Booth, a Madison County native.

Some Roads Slick Following Second Round Of Winter Weather

Some towns were definitely more affected than others. Some say that Jackson roads are passable.

However, most people that were driving on Wednesday were taking extra precautions to stay safe.

“And it’s my understanding, west Hardeman County, Shelby County, and those areas really got hit hard. Trees down, etcetera, but most of our roads are passable,” Booth said.

Even if the roads seem completely safe, there are many bad areas on bridges and overpasses that you need to be aware of. Always take caution before you go out.

Roads are expected to improve Thursday when the third winter weather system has passed through West Tennessee.

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