Momma Chef shares the recipe for quicker meals

JACKSON, Tenn. — Cooking just got faster and a little easier thanks to one chef.

Mom Shares The Recipe For Quicker Meals

One mom went from blogging and writing, to building organizations to help against hunger, all while holding the title Momma Chef.

Karen Nochimowski is the author of “6-Minute Dinners (and More!)” and more!

“It just came out last month. It’s filled with 100, over 100 recipes. They’re all made with six ingredients and less than under six minutes prep time. So they’re all quick and easy recipes. It kind of is an extension of the blog that I started in 2017,” Nochimowski said.

With big activities and watch parties coming up, less time in the kitchen can be a source of joy.

“You don’t want to spend the entire time in the kitchen. You want to actually cook something and then be able to enjoy the game and to spend time with your family. So there’s a lot of recipes in there,” Nochimowski said.

Mom Shares The Recipe For Quicker Meals

Some of the proceeds from the book also impacts her community through the soup kitchen.

“Just kind of using my love of cooking to help feed those in my community. So I opened that up in 2018 and we’ve provided over 20,000 meals,” Nochimowski said.

And Momma Chef mentioned that the outdoor food pantries have provided over 15,000 pounds of non-perishable foods.

The book can be found on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and in most bookstores.

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