Ray Condray announces his candidacy for City Mayor

JACKSON, Tenn. — A local resident announces his mayoral candidacy.

Saturday, Ray Condray joined family, friends, and supporters in downtown Jackson at City Hall to announce his candidacy for City Mayor.

Courtesy of FB: Ray Condray for Mayor

Condray says he wants to see a change in Jackson that will lead the city in the right direction.

As mayor, Condray wants to accomplish several things like restoring values, and if elected, he wants to address the roads, infrastructure, fiscal responsibility and more.

“I’ve had a lot of unique experience over the years of interacting with people. I’ve been under good management, I’ve been over others in management and I think those same principles apply to everything, just common sense,”  said Ray Condray, City Mayor candidate for Jackson.

Along with supporters, at today’s event there were also several protestors.

“One hundred percent support their right to speak their voice to protest,” Condray said. “We may not agree, but that’s okay — that’s what makes America great. We’re a diverse country, we have an incredible Constitution that ensures those rights are protected, and I’m thankful for that.”

Condray says his campaign will focus on his business background, and a commonsense approach to efficient and effective government.

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